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Gas Canister Advice Guide

There are a number of different types of gas canister commonly used with camping stoves, lanterns and heaters. Most light weight backpacking appliances use small disposable gas canisters, whilst larger family camping appliances tend to use large refillable bottles.

Unfortunately we are unable to ship out gas or flammable liquids through the post or with our couriers. A full range of fuels for camping stoves and lanterns is available at our Bourne End Store.

Pierceable gas canisters


These are small, simple gas canisters which you pierce the top of as you tighten it to the appliance. Containing a butane/propane mix, these canisters have no valve, they cannot be safely removed from the appliance until the gas has been used up. This type of canister is becoming less commonly used in the UK. Campingaz C206.

screw fit gas canisters

Screw Fit

This is the most common type of gas canister used with backpacking kit. Containing a butane/propane mix, this type of canister has a small screw valve on the top that allows you to safely detach and re-attach the appliance. This type of canister is available in several sizes, which are interchangeable depending on the amount of gas you need and the weight you wish to carry. There are many brands of this type of canister on the market, all with the same size fitments. Coleman C100, C250, C500.

clip fit gas canisters

Clip Fit

Made by Campingaz, these are very similar to screw fit canisters, being a re-sealable canister available in several sizes with a butane/propane mix. The difference comes with the valve fitting on the top of the canister. Rather than having a screw thread, the stove attaches itself to the top of the canister by clipping onto the valve. Campingaz C270, C470.

propane gas canister


These are another type of screw top, disposable gas cylinder, containing just propane rather than a butane/propane mix. Thanks to physical properties of Propane, every last gram of gas in the cylinder is used to operate stoves, lantern or heater. It is also a cleaner combusting fuel, producing less carbon dioxide and as a result, less pollution. Another benefit of using propane is that it continues to work well at low temperatures and at altitude.

uno gas canister


These are push fit gas canisters containing butane, commonly used with single burner family camping stoves. They have a valve on the top to allow them to be safely detached and re-attached to the appliance. These are made by a range of manufacturers. Campingaz CP250

Campingaz bottles


Most larger family camping appliances run on larger refillable bottles. When the bottle is empty, simply take it down to your local Campinaz stockist, who will be able to exchange your empty bottle for a full one. They have a screw thread valve on the top which allows you to safely detach and re-attach your appliance via a hose and regulator. These bottles are available in three size, a small 901, medium 904 and a larger 907, however the 907. The 907 is the only size widely available in the UK and on the continent.


They are small mechanical devices which regulate the flow of gas from the gas bottle to the stove when you have a hose connecting them. They attach onto the top of the gas bottle and a low pressure hose connects them to the stove. The type of regulator you need to use depends on the type of gas bottle you have, not the appliance.


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