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Primus OmniFuel MultiFuel Stove with Fuel Bottle

Primus OmniFuel MultiFuel Stove with Fuel Bottle

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Primus OmniFuel MultiFuel Stove with Fuel Bottle Information


Primus OmniFuel Stove - Primus' most advanced multi-fuel stove.
Primus' most tried and true product has now become even more flexible. The Primus OmniFuel uses very advanced materials to offer advanced functionality and is designed to handle demanding conditions, extreme altitudes and both high and low temperatures. OmniFuel is a sturdy stove that works with LP gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel and kerosene – even aviation fuel. Using the separate control knob, the flame can be adjusted to provide the exact heat required. The ErgoPump, the multi-tool with an integrated cleaning needle, 0.6L fuel bottle, nylon stuff sack and the windscreen and heat reflector are included.

PLEASE NOTE: Gas appliances should to be used in a well ventilated area.


339g (441g with fuel pump)

3000w (10500 BTU/h)

Boiling Time:
3 minutes (+ 40 seconds preheating)


Suitable for:
1-4 people

140 x 85 x 70mm (5.5" x 3.3" x 2.6")


  • Burns virtually all kinds of fuel: gas canisters/cartridges with a butane/propane mix, white gas, auto petrol/auto gas, diesel, kerosene/paraffin and jet fuel.
  • Equipped with Primus Wind Proof Burner: The flame adjusts to wind conditions, minimizing the chance that a strong wind will extinguish the flame
  • Environmentally friendly: exchangeable jet nipples optimize the use of each particular fuel keeping unburned exhausts to a minimum
  • Primus ErgoPump for maximum durability and safety
  • Self-bleeding system for the fuel line and pump to eliminate spills and flare ups
  • Steel sheathed fuel line remains flexible even in severe cold
  • Pre-heating system for the quickest possible priming and the best fuel economy
  • Perfect valve control - from gentle simmer to rolling boil in a second - or anything in between! for your inner gourmet!
  • Primus OmniFuel has been submitted to more severe tests than any other stove (for example, the Primus valve is tested to 12000 on and offs!)
  • Primus OmniFuel burns silently compared to similar stoves because of its burner shape
  • Brings one litre of water to boil in approximately 3 minutes (if the power was any higher, your pots would melt)
  • Pot support grids are made of 2mm thick stainless steel for maximum durability and stability
  • Low centre of gravity for stable stove and safe cooking
  • Specially designed soft nylon bag with a storage pocket for spare parts, lighter, jet nipples etc

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Primus OmniFuel MultiFuel Stove with Fuel Bottle Customer Reviews

Reviewed By: Jim on 04/30/2009
"Hey, if you want an ultra-light, cheap stove for use only in mild conditions, the Primus OmniFuel is NOT for you. But if you want a stove that will go anywhere, work in almost any conditions and burn almost anything, the OmniFuel has to be a front-runner (its main rival being the MSR Dragonfly). The penalty for this versatility is that multi-fuel stoves are slightly heavier, noticeably more expensive and significantly more complicated to use than gas-only stoves.

Within the UK, you'll probably power the OmniFuel with gas canisters, which are convenient. But travel a little further afield and gas canisters can be hard to buy (obviously you can't take them on the plane with you!). This is when switching to liquid fuel makes most sense.

First choice for liquid fuel should be white gas (not to be confused with white spirit!). The famous brand name for this is Coleman Fuel. Essentially this is extra-pure petrol, so if you can't find white gas, ordinary unleaded petrol should be the next choice. If you can't get this, then kerosene, diesel, or even aviation fuel can be used.

The drawback with these fuels is they are more likely to cause blockages, stopping the stove from working. Some blockages can be solved simply by clearing the fuel nozzle with the needle-tool provided. More intractable problems may require a little dismantling of the stove with the special tool provided. The OmniFuel's design makes this fairly easy to do, but it's important to practise before leaving home - you don't want to try it for the first time at night, high up a freezing mountain!

When changing fuels, you need to switch between the three different sizes of fuel nozzle that are included. This is again done using the supplied tool. The need to be a bit of a mechanic is partly what makes using any multi-fuel stove more complicated than a single-fuel stove. I've heard it argued that MSR designs are easier to use than Primus, but I can't see the difference - both are pretty straightforward when you know how.

When using liquid fuel, you need to pump the fuel canister to pressurise it, go though a priming procedure (to warm the burner) and, after use, ensure the fuel line is cleared. With gas things are much easier, and the OmniFuel design means gas works at pretty low temperatures, unlike some simple gas stoves.

The gas canister connects to the burner by a metal-clad hose. This is better than simple stoves where the burner sits high on top of the gas canister - an unstable arrangement that's all too likely to dump your hot meal onto the ground or into your lap!

Another attraction of keeping the canister remote is it allows you to use the supplied aluminium windshield/heat-reflector to concentrate maximum heat on the saucepan. In designs where the canister is attached directly to the burner, you have to be cautious with heat reflectors to ensure you don't overheat the gas canister - for obvious reasons!

Whatever the fuel, the OmniFuel puts out a good heat without excessive noise. The control valve makes it easy to reduce output to a gentle simmer - something that can't be said of earlier Primus Multifuel designs.

The stove's three legs give good stability and fold away neatly so the unit can be stored in the included sack, which gives useful protection. Primus offers fuel bottles in a variety of sizes and MSR fuel bottles can also be used. Be wary of other brands, as they may not fit properly.

My Primus has never let me down and I've the reassurance that it's been proven in conditions even harsher than I plan to encounter. I happily recommend it, but I haven't got time to waste arguing over the relative merits of Primus verses MSR - seems to me they both do a good job. What's much more important is to decide if you really need a multi-fuel stove or if you'd be happier with something less sophisticated.

For an informative video on how to use the OmniFuel, see:
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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